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Download Katy's Story
40-page booklet detailing the history of Education East Africa, up to present day Rwanda
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Katy's Six-Page Curriculum Vitae
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Download Katy's Report for Minister of Education
A Rationale for Change: Analysis of Competence Based Curriculum
- for Lower Primary -
Mathematics, Kinyarwanda and English
As Requested by the Honourable Minister for Education,
Dr Eugene Mutimura
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Long before they were officially called teachers, the teachers amongst us were teaching others how to do things to sustain ourselves. Eventually this role evolved into the essential job it is today. And while teachers are accustomed to taking on impossible tasks, asking them to teach English before they have had the opportunity to master it themselves is asking too much. And yet this is what happens millions of times a day, in schools all over the world.  


Of all the training programmes Education East Africa has created in our twenty-five year history, none has had greater impact on more lives than teaching teachers English. And yet precious little resources are devoted to mastering this essential skill. It’s as if teachers are expected to teach something they themselves cannot possibly know. Incredulous. Because of this, we are entirely devoted to the job of Teaching English to Teachers in Rwanda. But we cannot accomplish this monumental task without you.


A good many highly accomplished people credit their teacher for their success, including philosopher Albert Camus. A few days after Camus won the Nobel Prize he sent his teacher, Louis Germain, this heartfelt letter.

Camus’s letter is a testament to what happens when education lives up to its highest potential and ennobles the human spirit. Because of his teacher, Camus was able to transcend the dismal cards he had been dealt at birth and blossom into the Nobel Prize winning genius we remember.


A great many accomplished people credit a teacher for their success in life. Oprah Winfrey said, “Teachers are often the people who inspire us the most. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Duncan. She so believed in me, and for the first time, made me embrace the idea of learning.” Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates credits his fourth grade teacher, Blanche Caffiere, for his love of reading and learning. Today he donates millions to expanding educational opportunities throughout the world. Without Mrs. Bertha Flowers we would not have Maya Angelou’s poetry, biographies and wisdom. 


Dame Helen Mirren, upon winning the Bafta Fellowship in 2014, proclaimed, “My journey to this place began with a great teacher. She alone was the person who encouraged me to be an actor.” 


One of the world’s best loved teachers, Anne Sullivan, also known as ‘The Miracle Worker,’ gave us the incomparable Helen Keller. Though blind, deaf and unable to speak, because of her dedicated teacher, Helen became one of America's best loved authors, lecturers and political activists.


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